About Us

Mechanistic ModelingMap and Predict a Better Path to Clinical Success

Entelos is the leading provider of predictive biosimulation for drug discovery and development. We provide advanced biosimulation capabilities that make discovery more efficient and increase clinical success.

For over 15 years, we have enabled R&D organizations to predict better paths to success by simulating systems biology. Our solutions include mechanism-based, mathematical models; virtual patients and populations; biosimulation software; and biosimulation expertise.

Better Insights

Entelos systems biology modeling of virtual patients and populations provides a deeper understanding of disease and drug mechanisms. It simulates the physiology of drug therapy intervention and predicts clinical outcomes, providing insight for optimal target, biomarker and candidate selection; understanding of patient response variation over time; cross-species translation; and more efficient trial design.

Better Predictions

Entelos biosimulation quantifies and predicts candidate efficacy and improve chances of therapeutic success throughout discovery and development. It can also improve the prediction of patient response and disease progression over time.

Better Decisions

Entelos capabilities enable better decisions. They help scientists select the best route forward by simulating preclinical studies on virtual animals and patients, and help scientists choose the right doses, biomarkers and patients for clinical trials. Biosimulation may also reveal new paths to success when development seems blocked.

In addition to pharmaceutical R&D, Entelos technology can be applied to the R&D of many other consumer products, such as food ingredients and cosmetic formulations.


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