Dog Nutrition PhysioLab ModelDog Food Research

The Entelos Dog Nutrition model offers a transformational approach to dog nutrition studies delivering  virtual nutrition studies in days and weeks, reducing the number of dogs required for study, avoiding lengthy studies and costly husbandry.

The Dog Nutrition PhysioLab is a mathematical model designed to simulate, examine and explore the effects of food intake within dog diets and the corresponding body weight outcomes. The model provides a foundation to investigate effects of macronutrient intake relative to exercise, age and size to enable R&D teams to more rapidly generate new and improved pet food formula, as well as create targeted pet foods for specific markets while minimizing the need for animal testing.

The biological scope of the model supports food intake and simulates carbohydrate, protein and triglyceride mass balance to determine total body mass and total fat. Physiology included, and available for quantitative exploration, includes the circulatory system, adipose tissue, liver, muscle, GI tract and brain. In addition the simulations take into considerations hormonal control from hormones such as glucagon, insulin, epinephrine, adiponectin and other G.I. hormones.



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