Entelos Products


To support scientists and Entelos services create, modify, view and analyze new and existing models Entelos has developed a unique range of commercially available software for licensing to support modelers create small targted models to disease models with virtual cohorts and virtual populations.

Entelos PhysioLab Modeler– Create, edit, simulate, view and analyze PhysioLabs models

Entelos Darwin– Create and automate Virtual Patients and patient populations to explore patient variation, disease progression, trial design and patient stratification

Entelos SimServer– For large scale computations and analysis take advantage of hardware clustering to accelerate analysis and time to predictions

 Modeling Software

Supporting a Phyisological Modeling Investment Journey

Entelos products are designed to support the growing investment needs of M&S groups. Entelos Modeler is designed to create and manage large physiological models. Entelos services and M&S groups can build small targeted therapeutic models  in applications like JDesigner and MatLab SimBiology and use SMBL (Systems Biology Markup Language) to import and export models into the Modeler software. Once models are imported into Modeler modelers can take advantage of the Entelos products for generating larger disease models, cohorts, virtual populations and integrating gene expression profile data.

About Entelos PhysioLab Modeler

PhysioLab Modeler is available in multiple configuration supporting scientists to advanced modelers. For scientists PhysioLab Modeler provides a view only mode that provides a simple to use interface to explore and gain insight into the disease mechanism of action, the dynamics and relative importance of targets and different mechanisms for a disease.

For modelers, PhysioLab Modeler provides advanced tools to create, extend and analyze physiological models. Modelers can:

  • Create new simulation experiments and results
  • Extend the biological representation in the model
  • Create and explore different Virtual Patients and can see how they respond to different protocols and therapies
  • Perform explorations in the functional effects of new biological targets that have not been represented in the model
  • Export experiment results for analysis in other software packages.
  • Merge modifications from multiple users into a common model
  • Centrally store, update and share models and simulations
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