Map and Predict a Better Path to Clinical Success


Virtual Human Patients

Entelos simulates the systems biology of virtual human patients and populations to quantify and predict clinical outcomes. This enables drug discovery and development researchers to efficiently answer R&D questions, decrease risk, and increase clinical success. This approach minimizes laboratory research, clinical trial size, and duration.

Entelos biosimulation results in better:

Entelos provides detailed mechanism-based, mathematical models; diverse virtual patient phenotypes; biosimulation software; and expert consultants. Entelos models type II diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, other diseases and consumer products such as neutraceuticals. These models offer the most available pathways, parameters, physiological compartments and virtual patients.

Target Selection

For Discovery Researchers who wish to rapidly select the best drug targets, Entelos provides detailed, quantitative modeling and simulation to compare the effect of different targets on therapeutic outcomes. More…

Biomarker Selection

For Researchers who wish to select the biomarkers that best predict disease, drug response and efficacy, Entelos simulates disease biology and drug response over time. More…

Inter-species Translation

For Researchers who need to move from animal models to Phase I, Entelos biosimulation predicts clinical outcomes in patients. More…

Patient Stratification

For Development Scientists who need to address patient variability, Entelos simulates diverse patient phenotypes and mechanisms to predict outcomes in specific sub-populations. More…

Trial Design

For Clinical Scientists who want to reduce the size and length of clinical trials, Entelos conducts virtual trials and tests different study parameters in silico. More…


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